The children of Niagara Falls are our city’s most precious resource. Education is the key to our city’s future and our children’s future. Every single child in Niagara Falls has a right to the best education available . Every school district must have the resources to help all our kids. 

Unfortunately, far too many children reside in unsafe areas and have limited access to other critical services. 

For too long, the kids in the poorest areas of the city have been given the short straw and stood at the back of the line for school funds. 

I make this pledge: I will pull our community together to develop a unified, aggressive plan to revitalize our schools. 

  1. We must end the poverty and the bullying of our children and begin providing two-tier, wraparound social services to assist families and students. Schools should be the “hub” of every community. We need programs to help with food, health care needs, and violence prevention in our hardest hit neighborhoods.
  2. We must create a safe environment for our kids to learn.
  3. Schools should receive funding based on student needs instead of the community’s property value. Per-pupil funding formulas need to be eliminated.
  4. The teachers are on the front lines and I will back them up so they can educate our kids. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with every teacher to create an environment in which every child has an opportunity to learn.
  5. We must distribute our school money more equitably. These kids are our future and we can’t afford another lost generation – we have to give them hope.
  6. A longer school day does NOT mean a better school day. We’ve got to develop school policies that revitalize the curriculum, incorporate parent involvement, encourage Niagara Falls businesses to partner on key programs and stress positive outcomes for students.
  7. We need a partially-elected, partially-appointed school board. This would give voice to families, rather than a bureaucracy making decisions by a bullying Individual.