Can you agree that in Niagara, we have a region where manufacturing was heavy, but those jobs are now largely gone?

The social and economic effects of high youth unemployment can be quite severe depending upon a number of things. 

On one hand, youth who see no opportunity may leave for places where they believe things are better, which does not bode well for the future of OUR CITY. 

At the more severe end, youth unemployment may create social division, even political unrest and instability. Most frighteningly of all is that this unrest can be expressed in decidedly undesirable ways, such as increased expression of xenophobic and nativity sentiment, as people blame ‘the other’ for their economic precocity,”

I have immense concerns due to tendencies for individuals without work to postpone and put off individual life steps such as developing relationships and having children. Additionally, job insecurity can directly or indirectly cause health effects that affect the economy of Niagara Falls.  

This trend calls to question why the job market is losing activity and why people have ceased looking for work.  It is a trend that needs to be seriously considered by all of us.  There is often a lot of focus upon job training and post-secondary education as a solution.

 Training and education are important and ought to be well funded, but this also ignores an important reality that there are more job seekers than there are positions being created. 

As your mayor, I will implement a need to move to a new understanding of work and that will likely involve providing a basic income to all, and to engage in job-sharing. 

More generally, governments need to reduce incentives for private businesses to create precarious jobs.

Decreasing corporate taxes has proven not to be a major job-creator. Tax rates are relevant, particularly when trying to attract new business, but they are only one factor. 

Since other factors, such as public services including schools and transit, rely on a support base of taxes, targeted tax breaks geared toward those who have actually created a permanent, full-time position would be preferable to across the board cuts.

Secure employment allows people to get on with the business of living their lives: they don’t have to put off marriage and children, or move back in with their parents. 

Lower unemployment rates work to decrease social divisions and increase economic prosperity, and so a more holistic focus with new, creative resolutions to Niagara’s high unemployment rates is imperative. I will change that, today.