Every Niagara Falliens deserves to feel safe. Despite years of promises made, crime continues to spread and infect  neighborhoods in our city.  Some of our neighborhoods are overwhelmed with violence. Car-jacking and robberies have surged across our community in the city.  I will be ready to lead on DAY ONE to make this city safe again. 

No parent should be worried to let their children out at any time of the day.

As a resident of Niagara Falls, I know what you need, SSHH;  

  • Safety
  • To be Seen
  • To be Heard
  • To be Honored


Infraction is the root of much of our city’s problems, due to a lack of money and un-employment. When unexpected events rises, many families leave the city in search of safer community.  That drains our city of diversity and erodes our tax base.  beacons of hope, community and safety. I want to make sure that taxes do not increase on working families to the middle class to compensate. It is a dead-end policy that is wrong and unfair. I will stop it. 


There is a better way. I will be a Mayor who makes fighting crime our first priority.  I fought injustice inside of every organizations I have joined. I have been called on to bind together communities that were torn apart by racially sensitive incidents with others. The policies I developed while in senior leadership positions in foreign countries,  helped alleviate disputes to levels not seen in decades. 



  1. We need to implement a comprehensive plan which offers a dynamic, state-of-the-art approach to crime prevention and reduction.
  2. Turning the tide against violent crime in Niagara Falls begins with eliminating the political manipulation and micromanagement of certain departments.
  3. Neighborhood improvement occurs at the intersection of Public Safety, Public Education and Public Health. We’ll be making bold, new policy announcements on how to fight crime through a holistic policy approach.
  4. Community policing, along with an integrated social services network including neighborhood outreach and participation are all integral to making Niagara Falls the safest city, primarily to our residents and tourists. When I say ''safety'' I mean, safety of our income, safety of our investments, safety of our children, safety of our future...etc



Providing physical and emotional safety for our residents, is my number one priority.  I can promise that once you get to know me, you will see and feel my engagement , and concerns with your safety and the safety of our children and natural habitat.

I will be;

  • Thinking about the experience someone will have getting to any live event
  • Thinking about how people in our community may treat someone who they perceive as different
  • Stepping in clearly and decisively if someone is being personally attacked in comments on a post, Facebook group, or in live conversation
  • Maintaining confidentiality in private conversations

I want to stress that “safe” doesn’t have to imply “always comfortable.” Some of the very best community building involves real discomfort as people explore beliefs and perceptions, challenge assumptions and explore differences.


I am coming to you with a different approach. I need you to understand and know that our community members will see themselves reflected in the images, stories and examples I share about our city.  You will see yourself  featured and honored in all that you do.

Ask me how;

  • Thoughtful selection of speakers and experts for your live and virtual events
  • Sharing case studies and stories of the wide range of your customers  based on your speeches and writing
  • Sharing and promoting your work of peers, partners, customers and collaborators on social media, not just our work.
  • Actively promoting and/or sponsoring events and projects in communities that you want to connect with, without being asked or prompted. This is because I will  have taken the time to follow your work being done, because I believe in it and want to see it spread.


I have this philosophy. I wrote all of the contents on this website. If I can't do it, then no one else will. Do you ever wonder if you are ''heard'' or stop for a moment and deeply listen to what others are saying to you?  Do you honor the lived experience of people in your community, and not try to talk over them, or tell them why their perceptions are not correct?

As your new Mayor and friend;

  • Being fully present and looking directly in someone’s eyes when I meet them  is me ''hearing you''. Not  looking over your shoulder to see if there is someone else more important or more interesting to talk to, this is me ''hearing you'' It is so frustrating and humiliating. 
  • Taking feedback to heart and changing policies, approaches, programs or pricing so that it meets your needs.
  • Not being defensive when you take issue with an approach of your work or thoughts and ideas. I listen deeply, reflect back what I hear, decide what feedback I will take to heart, let the rest go, and sincerely thank you for taking the time to communicate with me.
  • Not mock or ridicule  who disagrees with anyone from our community, because, if there is one thing I can't digest, is ''Bullying''. I see far too often on Facebook business owners who write “rants” about demanding clients or prospects. Whenever I see that, I always think “I wonder if they realize that now every current customer and prospect they work with will think they are talking about them. And then they may fear that if they raise an issue or ask the wrong question, they may be mocked or ridiculed too (even if you don’t call someone out by name, people will read through the lines.) This is not a good strategy for building trust and safety in our community.


A true community is one where each person feels honored and valued as an equal member. Regardless of age, experience, income level, position of authority or background, each person is valued for what they bring to the group. The goal of building community is not to create a homogeneous group of people who all think and act the same, it is to create a diverse, stimulating, engaged group of people who are committed to solving problems together, in an environment of mutual respect.

As your new Mayor and true Friend, I will

  • Design events to be interactive
  • Not set up false “barriers” between different levels of a group (I personally can’t stand when there are roped off parts of a conference or event for “VIPs only,” which usually means those who have the means to afford a higher price ticket.)
  • Feature the range of ideas and opinions from our community
  • Treat all members of our community with dignity and respect, including the natural environment surrounding your events (I get pretty rage when I see a park or facility trashed after an event. Does the natural environment deserve less respect than the humans who are supposed to be stewards of the earth? I don’t think so, but you knew that about me.