About Dinah-Lilia


I’m Dinah-Lilia Mansour, but you can call me ''Dinah'' as in ''Dye-na'' I am a mum, a wife a helper, a founder of a successful business and a fighter. 

I am not a politician. I care deeply about what is happening in our great city. Crime has spiraled, employment needs a gigantic boost and rampant tax increases are causing people to leave this city in massive numbers. We don’t have to live like this. Niagara Falls doesn’t have to live like this.

I grew up in a home that valued honor, integrity, and service to others. My dad was a simple man, yet a great international trader who taught me how to assume responsibility at the age of six-years old.

I have traveled the world, and lived in many foreign countries. My mother was a house wife. I owe who I am today to my parents.

I am running for Mayor to bring 

''A New Beginning'' to Niagara Falls government by putting an end to the constant politics of bullying and bluster, and finding real solutions to the problems we face. Making Niagara Falls a ''world class city'' is my focus.

Niagara Falls needs a Mayor who is multi-cultural, who thinks outside of the box and who also knows what is right and who is willing to fight up for those who are being driven out of their neighborhoods by shady back room deals that close our businesses, constantly rising taxes, and runaway crime that infects every neighborhood.

If you agree, please stand with me to change the direction of Niagara Falls and give us a city government that is as good as the people it should serve.

More About Dinah

Dinah was born in Montreal, Quebec. Her passion to Niagara Falls started since she stepped foot in 1985. 

''My parents brought our family to Niagara Falls every summer for picnics. When I grew up, I've carried on the tradition and made regular visits to Niagara Falls with my children. These trips gave me many wonderful memories.

Since a young age, I loved trying the numerous restaurants and visiting the endless attractions that never lost  their appeal. 

I would walk down to the falls, along Lundy's Lane, on the River Road area and through the parks, during  all four seasons, night or day.  Watching the tourists enjoy the wonders of the falls, was fascinating. 

I loved and still love having the luxury of two amazing casinos and the top notch performances constantly available. 

I loved and still love the sounds of the falls thundering in the quiet times. My dad would smile and wink at me, while checking out of a hotel, appreciating the business community that rewards Niagara Falls residents with the Cheap/Sleep Charity program and great discounts to various attractions once a year.  

My mother loved and still loves the beauty of a well-manicured lawns and gardens. We loved the loving kind neighbors we have been fortunate to meet years ago.

So many reasons for this love affair with Niagara Falls. 

Most of all, today, my family and I love living our dream of residing in one of the world's top tourist destinations and the Honeymoon Capital of the world. We are still making sweet memories in the City we love; Niagara Falls."  


Dinah grew up in many different countries, adapting to different cultures. 

Dinah graduated from Polyvalente, a Catholic high school in the West Island. She has earned her undergraduate degree from AUC (American University of Cairo) with a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Literature.

After graduating in 2001 , Dinah realized her lifelong dream and became an artist and commenced her journey in the music and film industry .

In 2006, Dinah decided to go back to professional studies and obtain her Masters Degree in P.Sc and later obtained her Professional Doctorate from Hertfordshire University (England) in 2013.

Dinah returned to Canada permanently.

Dinah has had dreams to make this world a better place.

Over the last months, Dinah has been approached by hundreds of Niagara Fallsien who wants a change brought to their city and believe that she’s the right person to be the next Mayor.  

Dinah is running because she believes for us to have ''A New Beginning'' , we must unite all Niagara Falliens around the causes of restoring transparency and fairness to government, developing a real plan to make us safe again, revitalizing our schools, introducing foreign investments, therefore increasing jobs, and  making sure our children stay , learn and  have a decent career and income in Niagara Falls, without having to travel abroad. We will grow our community', because we simply stand out above all the rest'' That’s her mission.