I am an entrepreneur. My passion is to create jobs for Niagara Fallsien's and keep them safe and happy and not otherwise. I am not interested in politics and this is authoritative.  My passion is for business development, provision of jobs and wealth creation.

I'm not writing to you to convince you of anything you don't already know.

You and I are quite self-aware and very cognizant of our strengths, weaknesses and the spectrum of quirks in between.

I'm writing to you to remind you of what you vowed to yourself in the closing moments of those last four years.

You vowed to put yourself first…with intention. 

As we grow and learn, we experience a great love, massive geographical upheaval, unmentionable heartbreak and the beginnings (and endings) of some significant creative projects. We love, we lose, and we fall apart,  and this is the place from which I write to you. 

I'm hoping you're much further along in this process than me, but we all  need to start acknowledging our needs and fears of the future. We can feel its edges and can see its depth. 

As your new Mayor, I will fill your lives and safety with all the things you couldn't say, all the support you were never offered and all of the value you never felt. 

In time, we will look at it as a reminder of the fullness of life and of our capacity to love and be loved, instead of the gateway to a kind of despair you haven't known before now. 

''A New Beginning''

All of my blessings and love.

Dinah-Lilia Mansour


On October 22nd, 2018, I ask for your guidance and voice. To become your new Mayor isn't only a victory, but a sword I take on forever. With your support and acceptance, I can do what is right for you and for your family. 

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